This Constant Struggle…

17 thoughts on “This Constant Struggle…”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful write-up, It cuts across women of all shapes and sizes. We must learn to love ourselves, including our flaws and strengths; and find ways to change the things that we can and live with the things we cannot change.

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  2. Beautiful write up sis. It takes knowing you to know this piece came straight from your heart. Some of us love you just the way you are. And you know what they say, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

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  3. Awwwwww!!!!! #Amazing.

    still struggling too,it hasn’t being easy but I must say every step n stage has been worth it, just stay strong n focused, you sure will definitely get dia. Amara you sure rock u truly know your onion.# keeponwritingDivaAmara

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  4. Wonderful write up dear, I grew up praying and wanting to be like my cousin cos everyone loved him…. Loving me was a struggle too. I was touched by your work, thank you!


  5. I have seen Amara only once, spoken to her a few times on the phone and chatted with her on BBM quite often. I will never forget the warmth, laughter and good cheer she brought with her on that ride to work on an otherwise rainy and cold day. I will never forget her wisecracks and supersmart comebacks. I don’t know much, but I know that she’s a beautiful (I’ve told her often), wonderful person. Can somebody tell the Lioness that she need not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep? Can somebody tell her that it is a huge consolation that she could so easily blog her struggle when millions wouldnt dare whisper theirs?

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  6. I can relate to your struggle.. I was heavy all my life, school was relentless.. I was 270 pounds.. people around me could eat all they wanted and be a twig.. one day I started walking instead of taking the bus.. I cut everything I ate in half.. and sipped green tea.. I lost 120 pounds.. and it sure was not over night like some say you can achieve if you only “buy” their product.
    I see you as a beautiful woman.. but if you are not content in your body.. I am believing you will achieve your goals in weight loss!

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    1. Oh wow! Mary Ann…everytime I read a comment from you, it feels like a warm hug.. thank you so much! It’s something I’m still working on…I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve seriously slacked in my efforts…thank you so much❤

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