What If?…


What if you have stopped loving your job, your spouse, your friends, your life??? What if everything feels wrong to you? What if your life feels like you are starring in a poorly directed movie? or like a pair of shoes that you really love but they just wouldn’t fit?

I can bet you that you are not crazy or paranoid, a million and one people are going through the same things…Its life! the plans we make fall apart, the things we are so sure will work out don’t even come close to happening, the man you thought would love you till the day he died didn’t even make it past the first month! i could go on and on.

Take a step back and examine yourself and the life you live, amazingly you might find that you really are doing nothing wrong but what if you are? what if you take life too seriously? what if you are so obsessed with your long term goals that you forget to live in the now? what if you have forgotten to find joy in the simple things like; a child’s laughter, a funny billboard, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn? (well if you live in some parts of Lagos, chances are you might  never smell or even see a freshly mowed lawn) but hey, whatever it is that gives you joy, do it! quit scheduling it, don’t over think it, like Nike says; just do it.

”What do you love doing? Eating? Eat the way you like it…maybe with your hands. Sleeping? Sleep the way you like…maybe on the floor/mat sometimes. Walking, eating, writing, drinking? Do it the way you love to do it. You will be surprised at the joy that comes with the anonymity.”- (‘Kunle Olaifa 2013)

Have an amazing week, do away with the what ifs and just be happy! you’ll see, it works.

Random fact: Deep breathing can help release tension and toxins from your body!

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