Where Did My Dreams Go?…

6 thoughts on “Where Did My Dreams Go?…”

  1. The Marach Show is already happening. I can see you. Take that step now, day by day and your dream would become a reality before you know it.
    I love the write-up, surely does speaks to me too.

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  2. dreams should not be left as dreams, we should follow through to see them manifest… Nice one Amara
    cant wait to b glued to my screen watching the ‘Marach Show’

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  3. This is just for me! Like you got this off my “scare book”. Thanks for the motivation. You are led sister. See you on stage at the first edition of The Marach Show… I’m gonna be the compere for the opening ceremony. 😀

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  4. I’ll be the Marach show’s number 1 fan cos I know it’ll be fun. Van Gogh once said “I dream of painting, then I paint my dream”. The critical thing is working the dream: taking positive affirmative steps towards the realisation of your dream. May God sanction your every step….

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