Writer’s block, an unwelcome guest…

9 thoughts on “Writer’s block, an unwelcome guest…”

  1. Where do you get these really inspiring quotes on writing? I particularly love today’s quote. Haha, I’m glad you made something out of the writer’s block. Gee! I dread the WB! It’s like a brain freeze in an examination hall. So not cool. Our bad days make us feel like we haven’t got good days at all…but as you said, our good days actually outweigh the bad and we shouldn’t sulk in the bad, feeling all hope is lost. Thank you for the encouragement. Every writer ought to see this!

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  2. Hmmmm! Really learnt something from this post. I am glad you turned your writer’s block into something inspiring that other people can relate to. Thanks love for sharing and more grease to your elbow. 👍

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  3. All true. I’ve been there too; when all that’s on the screen is a curser blinking, it can make you feel so down, but the best thing is to just write and develop a routine. It’s great that you managed to find inspo out of your writer’s block. WB is just a mental block – the more you give yourself time to write, the better you’ll get at creating new ideas. 🙂

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