The Little Things…


Life moves really fast, and if you don’t stop once in a while and look around, you will miss it. The little things that we sometimes take for granted and forget to enjoy are really the yarn that memories are woven from and memories are really important, well to me at least. Living so far away from home has taught me the art of storing up memories in my mind, in a neat little box marked home. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my family and its so comforting to know that there is a photo somewhere, a video, a funny story that I can just think of and in that moment everything is right with the world.

Last month when I went home, I found my old wallet. You see I had given up hope of ever finding that wallet so you can imagine the joy I felt when I found it. That wallet was dear to me because it had all my letters in it! Yes, I am that girl that makes her friends write her letters. So I found my letters, all of them intact, some of them dating back to almost eight years, the papers worn thin from opening and refolding and one even had a tear stain on it, and as I sat on the floor rereading my beloved letters, I realized


how wealthy I was indeed, very wealthy in love because I know how my friends are, they’re not quite like me so I know what it took for them to actually sit down and write me those letters. Recently, I hung out with one of my oldest and dearest friends and imagine the shock on his face when I showed him a letter he wrote to me in July 2008! These are the priceless little moments that make me smile.

I don’t know what the little things in your life might be, but I know that mine are always somewhere around the corner every single time, like a long phone call from my mum or sister, or cooking for my friends or watching an old video, or getting a random message from a friend, or even this night when my friends and I screamed so loudly while watching Game of Thrones. It can be anything really, anything that makes you stop and smile and remember how beautiful life really is, despite all the hurdles we might face.

Be intentional about finding and enjoying these awesome little moments in your life this week and see how much happier you will be. Have an amazing week my people and cheers! to the little moments that make life beautiful.

“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.” – Paula Cole

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