The Sunday Evening That Changed My Life…

My life will never be the same again. This evening, I was privileged to watch the Watoto Children Choir minister and it has changed my outlook on life entirely. These are children between the ages of 0-17 who have been orphanedUnity way too early courtesy of  war, HIV/AIDS and poverty.
A good number of them were child soldiers who were trained to kill but have all been rescued and saved thanks to the loving, restorative power of Jesus, and the valiant efforts of the Watoto family in Uganda. Before this evening, I was not aware that over 14 million children in Africa were orphans! Little children with no one to care for and love them. It’s a heart breaking fact and it has greatly weighed me down.

The amazing thing about these kids is the sheer joy visible in them. While they sang and danced and worshiped, you could see that they genuinely believed in the Father’s love for them, and it showed in their stances. They are no longer broken and I firmly believe that they are the generation that Africa has been waiting for. These children have made me realize how ungrateful I have been to God for the life that I have. All the things I take for granted, a roof over my head, a warm bed and blanket, a family that loves me and even shoes for my feet. A lot of these kids go without all these and more everyday.

All through the service, a lot of us broke down and cried, because our minds couldn’t begin to comprehend the suffering these children, and other children all over the world have had to endure. Their stories were so heartbreaking and all I could do was weep.

Crying isn’t enough though and that’s why we have to help. You can find out how here:

14 million is an overwhelming number, but you can start with one child, I plan to!

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