Rookie Tips From A JJC Like Me…Part2

I did promise to share my experiences as I slowly get the hang of things, so here I am again with my JJC chronicles. Nothing has changed much since my last post, I still miss my family like crazy but I am super thankful for technology…

There is a world of difference between my first degree and the one I am getting now, and after a couple of classes its dawning on me how different things are especially when it comes to the relationship between a professor and the students but that’s fine, better late than never right? I am here to learn, and learn I will.

So here are a few more experiences that I would love to share:

1) Not every cat or bird you see is evil: An average Nigerian is fairly skeptic what it comes to cats, and I am one of them, coupled with the fact that I have a father that attends MFM, (only a few people will get why this detail counts) you can imagine my fear when I was coming from school last night and  was greeted by a fat black cat! I almost threw my bag away in shock and fear, but I quickly composed myself when I saw a couple of kids calling the cat and rubbing its fur. I walked briskly upstairs while saying a quiet prayer and hoping I didn’t run into another one.

2) Dress according to the weather: During winter,recognize the fact that you come from a warmer climate and cover yourself in deference to the weather because failure to do so can result in health issues. I have since taken to wearing socks whether I am indoors or out.

3) Ask ask ask! I cannot stress this enough, especially when it comes to important issues, its wise to ask and get clarifications in grey areas, I am privileged to have a few people in my life that have been here longer and have had almost all the challenges that I am having now and luckily, they are always willing to answer my numerous questions.

An important aspect of all these experiences is the fact that they are opening up my mind and I must say that I am seeing things a lot differently than I used to. I will do my best to document these experiences and share them as I go.

Move to a new country and you will quickly see that visiting a place as a tourist, and actually moving there for good are two very different things…”- Tahir Shah

6 Replies to “Rookie Tips From A JJC Like Me…Part2”

  1. Adaugo AKA Mrs Perry….so u no dey miss me abi
    Well it’s important u alweiz ask ??? B4 u find Ya sef 4 prison
    Have a good tym
    Please share with us the varieties of food available there


    1. @Nma my dear, the food is the hard part for me! There’s sugar in almost everything lol! I made a proper jollof rice some days ago,but i’ll give anything to eat my mum’s oha soup right now!


  2. Nne, I shall send you a picture of a hot plate of oha soup and pounded yam and another picture of the empty plate when I finish eating the food.

    Have the best time of your life everyday!


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