The Little Plantain Boy…

6 thoughts on “The Little Plantain Boy…”

  1. A very heartbreaking story. Children should be educated, loved, sheltered and cared for, unfortunately, this is not the Nigeria we live in. But we can change it, somehow we can. We can push for enforcement of laws against child labor, get kids off the streets, get shelters for them, educate them. All of this won’t happen in one day but if we do the little we can towards solving this problem, we will see some changes. You might not have the resources to start something big but you can find an NGO that helps homeless children and support them in any way you can.


  2. Never knew you can write like this! Kudos!! As for your story I have had same conclusions on my way back from work, seeing little kids take a race contest for just 50NGN bottle water this same race that Usain bolt receive million of USD. Our society is completely crippled but always remember we can improve it just like you did by showing that little boy an uncompromising love. More power to your elbow, Your reward is in Heaven. 😀

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