We Are Not Conundrums…

Women are not complex or difficult riddles, we are not conundrums. We are reasonable, smart and very articulate people. We do our best to express ourselves, but a certain specie of the human race seem to find it difficult to comprehend us sometimes.

If only they would actually listen, actually try to hear us, life would be so much easier. Yes, maybe we cry a little sometimes, or throw a hissing fit when sometimes things don’t go our way, it doesn’t make us difficult or impossible to understand. Sometimes all we need is a little understanding.

Appreciate the women in your life today. Listen when they speak and engage them in productive, level headed conversations rather than shouting matches and you just might find that they are easy to comprehend after all.

Women are not conundrums, nor riddles or complicated puzzles, we are rational people who just want to be listened to.

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