Somebody’s Somebody..

He was tired, so very tired.

He’d been walking, it had been a long journey

A lone walk, screaming into the void

He tried to cry, but men don’t cry they said.

All he’d ever wanted was to love

To be loved

To not feel this painful loneliness

Loneliness is a bad place to be

He’d give anything to leave but he felt stuck

How did he get here?

What wrong turns did he take?


All he ever wanted was to be happy

To be somebody’s somebody..

Well, maybe time and chance will happen

So he gathers himself and tries again

He keeps walkin’ keeps believing

That Someday,

It would all make sense

Someday, the pieces will fit..

He works to get whole and healed

Breathless with the anticipation that someday,

Someday he’ll be somebody’s somebody..

Adaugo 2019

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