On Red Shoes & Malaria…


Of all the days for inspiration to find me, it had to be the day where malaria is busy dragging me all over the floor. Everything hurts. Even muscles I didn’t know I had are alive and throbbing. My taste buds are gone with the wind and my throat is so sore I cannot even manage a sip of water without wincing and in the midst of this all; I paused my binge watching of being MaryJane and I knew I  had to write.

The last time you heard from me, I was sending my brother off to the University. He was home last week, looking taller and thinner and so grown up or maybe it’s just me? These past weeks have been a roller coaster. I don’t even have words to begin to describe it. So much has happened and through it all, I just couldn’t write. I tried and tried but nothing. And then last night, my dear friend Mfon had me playing this game with her and she made me write about random words and I found myself writing about red shoes, sunrises, kissing and being a woman and I must admit it was really therapeutic.

Sometimes life can be a tad overwhelming, and all I want to do is to be a big baby and cry but the thing about crying is that eventually the tears will fade and you are still where you were. We have to hang in there right? Everything will be just fine.

So this was just a random post to let you all know that I am alive and well and though malaria is currently dealing with me, it will pass soon. Hopefully this is the end of my dry spell and I cannot wait to share all the things that have been going on in this head of mine!

Writing is a sickness only cured by writing.”

Niall Williams




3 Replies to “On Red Shoes & Malaria…”

  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick 😦
    They swear by black seed oil for malaria.. I told my friend Andy in Uganda about it.. since he has no doctor.. You mix it with warm water and honey.. Start small like 4 drops, to see if you can tolerate it.. as there are side effects.. stomach upset.. lowered blood pressure.. and some people have racing heart, like they drank a pot of coffee.. but it is claimed to be a cure all for just about anything that ails ya’
    Hope your feeling better soon!

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  2. You have no idea how excited I am to see this post! I’m glad our game helped 😉 Sorry about the malaria, I pray you get well soon. Where do you get these your quotes? They are always spot on! 👌 Welcome back Sis!

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