A few good memories…

It’s been months and then some,
It hasn’t gotten easier, everyone says it will. Perhaps they lied?
Every song sings about what might have been,
Every painting paints colors and hues of happy ever after, seems to me like it’s just another lie.
Me thinks it is time to calm the storm, before the tides take me over.
An end has to come to this avalanche of pain that seems to rear its head when it pleases.
Now it is a choice, a choice I have to make…
To cry or to laugh, to dance or to scowl, to move on or to hold on, to stay or to flee?
The answer is clear, perhaps that is why it hurts this much.
For I know it’s time to stop and if I stop what will I have?
I have searched and searched and then I found a truth,
A few good memories are better than a life time of pain.
So off I go with the memories I have, and I hope that from here on out, love and life will be kind to me.


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