How To Survive A Wedding (When It’s Not Your Own)

Contrary to popular belief, being single when all your friends are getting married is not a taboo! You can still breathe, walk, talk and live as a single girl. However Inadequate and left out days like today can make you feel, don’t fret. Everyone Including your friend who is getting married  has been single and lonely at one point.

After Careful consideration and a little research, I have come up with some tips that can make some of these weddings bearable for you.

What To Wear:   Easy breezy for the bride and sometimes an utter iStock_000031442412_Small-849x300nightmare for you. Its easier when there is Asoebi  and all that is left is to  choose a killer style, but in cases where there isn’t, go for the pretty, delicate, classy and most importantly non-aggressive styles. Comfortable heels are always a Yes as you might be on your feet for quite a while and will most likely deal with pebbles, staircases and all the major heel-wearing hazards.

Food: Have a full breakfast or lunch as the case maybe, before you leave home as you may not see food for a very long time. There is the service, the photo sessions, and all manner of rituals that take place at a wedding before the food is finally served so, Line your stomach!

Never Go Alone: Myths have it that the best place to meet a partner is often at weddings, but its my opinion that going to a wedding alone sometimes isn’t the best idea, especially when you and the couple don’t have a lot of friends in common. Always go with someone because sitting with a friend makes you look more approachable, it also provides you with a partner in crime and someone to laugh with. If you sit alone, you would simply nurse the obligatory bottle of Coke or glass of Juice as the case may be, brood over your small chops and keep wondering why that woman’s gele looks like a vegetable.

Exits: Always, always pre book a cab if you aren’t driving. Why do you think Cinderella caused such a sensation at the ball? She left early. Arrive knowing exactly how long you intend to stay, and leave when that time comes.

Makeup: Makeup is supposed to enhance, and not disguise. When in doubt about your makeup and gele tying skills, always consult an artiste. Your face makes a lasting impression and you never know who is taking points. If you are carrying a clutch purse, take only the basic essentials; your compact and your lipstick. These are necessary because a number of factors can lead to your makeup getting flawed.

Smile: Smile!, all the time, be happy; look alive, you will be glad you did.

At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself to have fun and enjoy every bit of the wedding even if it isn’t your own. Look at every wedding you attend as some sort of rehearsal for your own big day and just breathe, relax, sooner than you expect it would be you walking down that aisle and some other single girl’s turn to wonder when her time would come. And if you never walk down that aisle, that’s ok too. I do not think marriage is the only thing that should validate you as a woman.

Be Happy…

Random Quote: ” Above all, believe in true love and know that men are like a pair of shoes , and somewhere out there is your perfect fit”- Anonymous

Photo Credit: Google

Reference: How To Walk In High Heels by Camilla Morton

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