Starting Over…

Change is hard, a little painful too but at the end of the day, its all worth it. I started my year with a change, something I had worked toward, prayed toward and just plain wanted, but it cost me a great deal! For someone like me who is attached to my family, its been tough this past week. I know it might get tougher before it gets better but I am focused on the bigger picture and my support system is still firmly in place.

Let us see this new year as a clean slate, a fresh start, an opportunity to accomplish something that you have been putting off for a while now because really, how much longer do you plan to put it off for? Time waits for nobody and you are not an exception. Make each day count, clearly define your goals so that at the end of year, it wont just be another 365 days down the drain.

I have moved to the United States for school, and I will try to share some of my experiences and JJC moments with you all.

Make a decision to make 2015 count, Happy new year.

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