The “sis” Zone

This is just a PSA to all the “brothers”, and a heartfelt one at that. Apparently you guys didn’t read or take Dear Mr Indecisive seriously! So my girls and I were hanging out the other day, and we got talking about this whole phenomenon aka “the sis zone”. when you know deep down inside that you have no good intentions, that a meaningful relationship or marriage is not on the horizon for you, why bother? Why confuse us with the meaningless conversations, taking hours of our lives that we can never get back? With the overt name calling: hey honey, sweetie, luv, babe and then to crown it all, hey sis…


I myself, I don’t need any more brothers. God gave me four, plus numerous cousins so I am good in the brother department! We invest emotions, mental energy, and feelings into these situationships. Never going forward or backward, always in limbo and then one day out of the blue you hit us with the I see you as my sister / best friend speech, sigh…

So Dear Mr. / brother indecisive, the next time you decide to hit a girl up, be sure you’re not doing it just because, and if you find that she isn’t what you are looking for, gracefully decline rather than let it linger for months and hit her with the its not you it’s me speech, or the I love you too much to date you speech, or any of those cliché over flogged speeches in your arsenal. I have four very lengthy names, you can call me by any of them, so no more luv, or babe or honey or sis, use my government name!😐

This is my diary after all so I am allowed to rant right?

*in Chris Brown’s voice* 🎵Please don’t sis me, and I won’t bro you. If you love me, make it official🎵…repeat till fade

All my ladies, if I have spoken for you say Aye!




  1. Makaitah · September 17, 2016

    Aye! Thank you for this!!!

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  2. Dainty M · September 18, 2016

    Gbam! Well said! I could even see you dropping the mic at the end. You see how in sync we are! This was just what I asked about on my blog. They’ve gotta read this too! Thanks for sharing sis! ❤

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    • Adaugo · September 18, 2016

      Lmao@ dropping mic! I was so tired of being zoned lol, say no to the sis zone!

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  3. Adaugo · September 18, 2016

    And you forgot to say aye!


  4. vendorscafe · September 18, 2016

    Aye!!!! Love it! ❤️

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  5. Damola A · September 19, 2016

    Aye!!! Very well said..tired of all the zoning

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  6. D'Dream · September 20, 2016

    Now what are we guys suppose to say now *shrugs *


    *drops mic*

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    • Adaugo · September 20, 2016

      You guys are the masters!

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      • D'Dream · September 20, 2016

        Nope I Dont agree. That’s just a general statement.
        How about ladies leading up to 5 guys on with the different endearments giving an hope illusion that’s not there.

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  7. DamiLoves · September 20, 2016

    ‘I love you too much to date you?’ What does that even mean? Ahh!! This struck a nerve.
    Well written article xx

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  8. shekinahngandu · October 11, 2016

    It’s a two way thing,I guess we should all be bold enough to say no asap when we see that the feeling isn’t mutual that’s an amazing post

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    • Adaugo · October 11, 2016

      Yes we should! Thanks dear😁😁


  9. mybecomingdiary · November 19, 2016


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