Meant To Be..

10 thoughts on “Meant To Be..”

  1. What a wonderful read, realistic events that brings back tough memories rending one to shed a tear. You are really gifted in writing, you really need to keep it up. I am so moved by this write up, it’s so natural bringing out all 3 feelings/emotions (Joy, Anger, and Sadness) at the same time, hmmmmm!! What a beautiful write ✍ up. To wrap it all up is not easy, because I can go on making positive reviews on this post. Viewers may think something otherwise 🤔 👀 😕 😅 but not to worry, all is well that ends well. Fiction or non-fiction it all sounds so real and will move a soul that has lived such characters in one part of life or the other. Thats a constant. Thank you Adaugodiary 😊 💓 ☺ for this post and wish you more success in your writing ✍ era. God continue to bless you with inspiration, wisdom and divine health to see you through this wonderful Earth 🌎, IJN AMEN 🙏 🙌 ❤

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  2. Really beautiful,you can tell from the difference in writing patterns how young you were when you wrote that. Your writing is so beautiful. I never forgot what you told me” don’t let the devil steal your joy”. Thank you for that. He will find ways to make you ungrateful but you gotta stay grateful even in the midst of trials.

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  3. Such a beautiful writeup. It brought back so many memories (plantain chips and teem 😂). God is good. I am forever grateful for how far He has brought us.

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