The Thing About Pain..

8 thoughts on “The Thing About Pain..”

  1. this post is just sending so much positive energy my way and i am so grateful to you. i think sometimes moving on is a lesson and a gift in its own twisted way.. hang in there!! 🙂

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  2. Hmm I felt every bit of it. When you make a mistake or are in pain. Accept it, don’t ignore it, face it and then moving on will be a lot easier but if you ignore it, it will come back to you and you just might feel worse!

    Thank you so much for this mara! You should write a novel

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  3. Great to hear from you Adaugo!
    It seems the price for having a tender heart is getting hurt a lot..
    People can leave us gobsmacked because we want to see the best in everyone.. and sometimes they give us their worst.
    I am still praying you will meet your prince 🙂

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