Walk With Me..

11 thoughts on “Walk With Me..”

  1. As usual another beautiful post
    I could totally relate
    Life apparently doesn’t flow exactly the same way we want or planned but what can we do.
    I have thots and worries and just like you i ship them away because it will just push me into depression
    I personally decided to live in the present and enjoy the little things i have now.
    You should read this book the present by Spencer Johnson thank me later :*
    We are definitely not alone at least we have each other

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  2. This reads like something I could have written. Few weeks ago, I shed some vulnerability and also shared from my heart and it felt good.
    I know even though all the answers aren’t present on the table right now, you already feel lighter sharing from your heart.
    This is me sending you plenty hugs and love.. Xoxo!

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  3. This is best i have journeyed through ones picth about life, also similar to events in my life….memories i have hidden in fear of being called week by letting them out. Thank you for sharing, and reminding me that we owe it to ourselves to find happiness in life.

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