30, Single,plus sized and please mind yo’ business!..

22 thoughts on “30, Single,plus sized and please mind yo’ business!..”

  1. Great post Adaugo!
    I can relate to the whole “body shaming”. For most my life I heard the line..
    ” You have a nice face.. BUT if you lost weight you would be attractive”
    We live in a superficial world where the “outside” attracts.. it seems they don’t care if your ugly on the inside.. I did loose weight, but still held the same self image I allowed shallow people to create for me..
    Maybe it is odd for me to say, but I think your beautiful.. I love your eyes, and believe one day you will meet a man who sees your true worth.. from the inside out.. 🙂

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  2. That MC sounds like the one at my wedding – loud, stupid and totally inappropriate. 🤦

    Funny thing is, these comments never end. Even after you find Prince Charming and live happily ever after they still have something to say. Just keep being your beautiful self and don’t let their words break you. You rock!

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  3. My dear the struggle is real. Every birthday is an opportunity for aunties to pray for husband for me.. even with my slim body , people will say it’s cos I have an attitude problem or too choosy that is why im not yet married. They can’t relate why a slim and pretty face lady is still single. Delay is not denial.

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  4. Gurlllll! I love your blog . I do come here often to read it’ s hard not to smile reading your post.Live your life .I’m a peopletarian & honestly being myself has brought so much joy & peace in my life . Keep being you .Love & peace .

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  5. We just have so many insensitive people…many keep asking when am I going to be a mother as though I have powers to get myself pregnant. Someday I’ll tell my story just as you have done.

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