30 And Oh! So Thankful.

12 thoughts on “30 And Oh! So Thankful.”

  1. Congratulations on your birthday. More blessings to you in the years ahead.

    Oh by the way, my birthday was on the 10th. That means we share the same birth month. May Children rock!

    I made a post too on my birthday titled Birthday Reflections

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    1. 😊 No, my birthday was in March, the 17th not in may. But thanks for the good wishes and I’ll be sure to check out your birthday post.


  2. This days am so jobless at night that all I do is move to and fro on word press looking for blog posts to read😂.
    Am Turing 25 next year May and already am beginning to think about what I have done or supposed to be doing with my life🤒. But going through your blog tonight inspires me. I loved that you took a stand for yourself. And I am going to remind myself to do that everytime I get that down feeling and pray too, we need strength 💪.
    I am a fan already and rooting for you. Cheers!! 💕

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