9 thoughts on “Imagine.”

  1. I could use some of your gusto 🙂 I keep so much to myself.. always afraid to “offend”
    If you speak the truth in love.. people shouldn’t get offended.. ahhhh.. but they do 🙂

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    1. I know right? Its crazy!!! But then again what are friends for? If you cant be truthful to me then whats the point of the friendship?
      Sigh… its crazy. Well you and i might just be virtual friends but be rest assured that i will be honest and truthful to you ok? ❤️️❤️

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  2. Wow, this post really hit home fr me. I have been thinking about this too, but I feel like it would be scary, the relatioships that wwe would have to give up if we actually want to be real with each other. What if The other then capitalizes on you openess to take you for granted?
    I love your blog.

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  3. This is the world I live in, but the danger of it is finding yourself by yourself a lot coz people don’t like honest people, people prefer to be lied to and people will never treat you the way you treat them (not unless you’re bad coz that’s easy). So like you you said- I’m all for living your truth. That is the only favor you can do yourself that you will never regret.

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  4. I so love this post!

    it resonates with alot. you see i grew up in a kind of repressive environment where my voice doesn’t matter. and so in order to keep the peace, i grew silent and learned to cover things up pretty well. i could be dying, nobody will know and i wouldn’t be telling either

    But thankfully due to blogging, i am beginning to open up a bit, i am not there yet though. it is even not the fact that i am a secretive person, it is just that i have so conditioned to put up act to keep the peace plus i have always this feeling of bothering people with my eish…………. everybody is got eish so why adding my own.

    I know i ought to have got in touch based on our last discussion, it is just that i simply dont talk much and can feel overwhelmed communicating.

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