Dear Mr. Indecisive…


Dear Mr. Indecisive,

Time’s a wastin

What is it that you want?  You remind me of the weather, steady changing

Never sure, never true, neither here nor there…

You’re in love on Monday, you wanna see where things are headed on Tuesday ,

By Wednesday we’re best friends? Sigh…

Maybe you’ll change, maybe someday soon your mind will be made up,

But what if it isn’t? What if you really don’t know what you want?

But If we give honesty a chance, we will see the glaring truth,

Because my dear Mr. Indecisive, your indecision is a decision in its own.

Maybe you’re so unsure because you already know,

But if by some stroke of luck you’re not,

Let me help you out.

I am not an option, neither am I a car at an auction, or a choice at a Chinese buffet,

I’m a person with a timeline, a purpose and not a lot of time for guessing games.

I hope I’ve been of help today,

Because I have made a decision for you and removed myself from the situation.

So goodbye Mr. Indecisive,

Find yourself if you will, then come find me,

Because chasing me when you’re not ready to catch me has ceased to be an option.

 –Adaugo, 2016





15 Replies to “Dear Mr. Indecisive…”

      1. I definitely agree that there are a few miss indecisives out there, but you guys take the cake! I can allow food, but no hearts!.


      2. Lol. Look at it like this, all this girls that would be leading like 6 guys on because they are “not ready” . the annoying thing is like every girl does it


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