From One ″Side Chick″ To Another…

Ho ho ho! I am not a side chick oh! But now that I have your attention, let us talk about this phenomenon that seems to be the in thing today. First of all, who is a side chick? A side chick is a woman who may or may not be fully aware of the fact that the man she is in a relationship with, is in a ‘serious’ relationship with another woman. The way I see it, there are three categories of side chicks (this is beginning to sound like I’m writing a paper for my professor )

The type A side chick usually doesn’t mind that she is not the only one, she is less emotionally involved with the man and is satisfied with all the perks that come from being a side chick. Her thinking is that as long as the money, trips, cars and whatever else keeps rolling in then she is just fine where she is.

Now the type B side chick has fallen in love with the man in question, knowing that he is unavailable, but can’t seem to break things off with him. She is not in it for the money or the perks, she is just happy to spend whatever time she can get with him. This is quite sad because the man is almost never there as he is quite involved with his main chick who in this case might be a wife, fiancée or girlfriend. The type B side chick is very aware of this but will still hang on, harboring hopes that one day he will be all hers. Sigh, dreams.

The type C side chick on the other hand, has no idea that she is a side chick. She is the main chick who just happens to be the side chick. Sounds complicated right? A lot of women including yours truly, have found themselves in this category and sometimes it is very well known to everyone else except for them.

 Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if people would just use the common sense that God gave to them and stay faithful to their partners? no, they have to mess things up by leading a string of women and men along. Some women have their fair share of side guys as well. Has monogamy completely died? Is it still possible for a couple to commit to each other and just stay committed? I was at the nail shop the other day and I heard this lady saying that it was wishful thinking to assume that your husband would never cheat on you, that men will cheat, so just pick one already and accept your lot in life. That statement tugged at my heart all day, but I refuse to believe it. I might sound naive, but I still believe in monogamy.

In the spirit of the new year, wouldn’t it be nice if side chicks and guys all over the world decide to just stop? To just walk away from this toxic phenomenon that has become so rampant it’s no longer shocking? Decide to leave couples be, and try to find their own? I wish.
In a world that should be black and white, there are so many shades of grey, it’s no wonder we have all become color blind.

4 Replies to “From One ″Side Chick″ To Another…”

  1. Deep! I like how you view life through moral lenses. These days, not many do so. I’ve also heard that stuff about men always going to cheat and it’s really sad. I’m also a strong believer in monogamy and I trust God to bless us with faithful spouses! This was a good read!


    1. I trust Him too my dear, because I have dated my own way and it left me with a whole lot of tears so I know now that I can’t do it by myself. Oh yes, I’m confident He’ll give us ours.

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